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ISSN 1811-1165 Key title: Eurasian physical technical journal (Print)

ISSN 2413-2179 Key title: Eurasian physical technical journal (Online)

Abbreviated key title: Eurasian phys. tech. j.


Eurasian Physical Technical Journal (Eurasian phys. tech. j.) is a peer-reviewed open access international scientific journal publishing original research results on actual problems of Technical Physics and other related fields. Since 2004 «Eurasian phys. tech. j.» is published in English. E.A. Buketov Karaganda University is the main organizer and financial sponsor of Eurasian phys. tech. j. The international editorial board consists of leading physicists from 8 countries.

Since 2008, “Eurasian Physics and Technology Journal” has been included in the list of publications recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for publishing the main results of candidate and doctoral dissertations in physical and mathematical sciences. This status is confirmed in accordance with Science Committee Order No. 52 dated January 28, 2021.

Since May 2019 «Eurasian phys. tech.j.» has been indexed in the Scopus database on four scientific areas: Energy, Engineering, Materials Science, Physics and Astronomy. As of March 2, 2021 (data is updated monthly) Journal’s CiteScoreTracker is 0.5 with a maximum percentile of 16% in Energy, /21100920795#tabs=0

Re-registration Certificate No.KZ50VPY00027647 of the «Eurasian phys. tech. j.» issued October 6, 2020 by Information Committee of the Ministry of Information and Public Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.According this since 2021 Eurasian phys. tech. j. will be published quarterly.

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Submission of an article to the Eurasian phys. tech. j. implies that the paper described has not been published previously, that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, that its publication is approved by all authors and tacitly or explicitly by the responsible authorities where the paper was carried out, and that, if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in English or in any other language, including electronically without the written consent of the copyright holder.  In particular, translations into English of papers already published in another language are not accepted.

For information on Ethics in publishing and Ethical guidelines for journal publication see and

The Eurasian phys. tech. j. follows the Code of Conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and follows the COPE Flowcharts for Resolving Cases of Suspected Misconduct (

To verify originality, your article may be checked by the originality detection service Cross Check

Authors are responsible for the content of their publications. No other forms of scientific misconduct are allowed, such as plagiarism, falsification, fraudu-lent data, incorrect interpretation of other works, incorrect citations, etc. Authors are obliged to participate in peer review process and be ready to provide corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed. All authors of a paper should have significantly contributed to the research.

Reviewers should provide objective judgments and should point out relevant published works which are not yet cited. Reviewed articles should be treated confidentially. The reviewers will be chosen in such a way that there is no conflict of interests with respect to the research, the authors and/or the research funders.

Editors have complete responsibility and authority to reject or accept a paper, and they will only accept a paper when reasonably certain. They will preserve anonymity of reviewers and promote publication of corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.

The acceptance of a paper automatically implies the copyright transfer to the Eurasian phys. tech. j.

All submitted papers will the sent for reviewing to leading experts in the given area.

The Editorial Board of the Eurasian phys. tech. j. will monitor and safeguard publishing ethics.

The editors reserve the right to accept or reject manuscripts.


Guidelines for authors

Research articles, survey papers and short notes are accepted for exclusive publication in the Eurasian phys. tech. j. in English.  The manuscripts and short notes must contain original results of investigation in the following scientific areas:



Materials Science.

Physics and Astronomy

All publications of manuscripts and short notes should be recommended by official a Сover letter by the organization (University) in which the work was performed. The author who submitted an article for publication will be considered as a corresponding author.

The paper, short note or review paper shall include an Abstract of the contents should consist of at least 5-6 sentences, not exceeding 200 words. The Abstract must not coincide with the Introduction or Conclusion of the article and must not contain references, abbreviations.

In all articles should have list of Keywords or terms (3 to 10).

The text of a paper must not exceed 6-10 pages including tables, figures (no more than 6-8) and references (no more than 30). A short note must not exceed 4-5 pages including no more than 2 figures. A review paper must not be more than 15-20 pages (including no more than 10 figures).

The text should be divided on structural parts: Introduction, Theoretical part, Experimental technique, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, etc.

Printed copies shall be on good quality paper of International size A4. All texts must be printed in Microsoft Word. It is preferable to use the Times fonts. The text must be printed in 11 point letters, with 1 interval. There shall be a margin of 30 mm at the left-hand edge, of 15 mm at the fore edge, of 30 mm at the head of the page and of 30 mm at the tail.

Acknowledgments may be shown at the end of the article text, before references.

All references must be numbered in the text (for example, [1], [2-4]) and listed in numerical order.

Equations in your paper have to be written using the Microsoft Equation Editor or the MathType ( for (Insert | Object | Create New | Microsoft Equation or MathType Equation).

Tables must be inserted into the text.

Figures should be prepared in a digital form suitable for direct reproduction. Figures shall be submitted on the separate sheets or can be included into the text.

The following files must be submitted via e-mail:

  • Article text (*.doc);
  • Figures (fig1.jpg, fig2.pcx);
  • Figure captions (*.txt, *.doc).

The text file containing all Authors’ names, organizations, postal code, postal address, telephone, fax, E-mail, scientific topic of the paper, and Cover letter.

It is possible to use rar or zip compressors and to transmit the files as an attachment.



Title page (specimen)





Smith J.H., Cooper H.J.*


E.A. Buketov Karaganda University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan,


Abstract: 5-6 sentences


Keywords: no less 3, but no more 10 words



Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text…



References Format (specimen)


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  • X-ray Oxford-Instruments Microfocus Tubes. Available at: x-ray-tubes-and-integrated-sources/ microfocus-x-ray-systems (Jan13, 2020).


The authors should represent References according to the requirements of international journals on physics, but should to consult preliminarily for standard abbrevi­ations of journal’s names.

For more information on references guidelines for journal publication you see Harvard reference system: