“Eurasian Physical Technical Journal” is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal publishing original research results on actual problems of Physics, Technology and Engineering.

Since 2004 “Eurasian Physical Technical Journal” is publishing in English.

Thematic focus is the publication of scientific articles on fundamental and applied problems of Physics and Engineering.

All articles are assigned DOI numbers.

Since May 2019, the “Eurasian Physical Technical Journal” has been indexed in the Scopus database in four scientific areas

1) Energy: General Energy

2) Engineering: General Engineering

3) Materials Science: General Materials Science

4) Physics and Astronomy: General Physics and Astronomy

and has a non-zero impact factor in the Scopus database.

 ISSN (print) – 1811-1165

Abbreviated key title: Eurasian phys. tech. j. (Print)

ISSN (online) – 2413-2179

Abbreviated key title: Eurasian phys. tech. j. (Online)

Since 2021, the periodicity is 4 issues per year.

In October 2020, “Eurasian Physical Technical Journal” was registered on the website eLibrary.ru, eLIBRARY ID: 73915.

On December 15, 2020, a Certificate was received that the “Eurasian Physical Technical Journal” is included in the indexing database of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) on the Web of Science platform!

Focus and Scope

The main aim of Eurasian phys.tech.j. is to provide fast publication to scientists, researchers and engineers, that wish to communicate and discuss new results and fundamental and applied developments on actual problems of physics and technology, timprove the quality of research and can contribute international cooperation between scientists and researchers.

Eurasian phys. tech. j. publishes mainly papers and science reviews on the most important problems of fundamental and applied Physics that should contain new results of theoretical and / or experimental studies.

An additional aim for Eurasian phys. tech. j. is to offer a medium to authors for publishing and permanent referring papers that have been presented at international conferences that do not publish their proceedings, providing that the author still owns the copyrights of his paper.


Electronic versions of full-text numbers of Eurasian phys. tech. j. posted on the websites of the Republican interuniversity electronic library www.rmeb.kz (issues since 2010), the Kazakhstan National Electronic Library kazneb.kz (issues since 2010), the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan www.nabrk. kz (issues since 2017), Scientific Electronic Library www.elibrary.ru (issues since 2019).