“Eurasian Physical Technical Journal” (Eurasian phys. tech. j.) is a peer-reviewed open access international scientific journal publishing original research results on actual problems of Physic, Technology and Engineering.     Since 2004 “Eurasian Physical Technical Journal” is publishing in English.     Thematic focus is the publication of scientific articles on fundamental and applied problems of Technical Physics. The journal publishes articles on:

  • innovative methods of studying the structure and properties of materials
  • development and implementation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies in the energy field,
  • modern experimental technologies and techniques of modeling physical processes

< According the decision of the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) at May 8, 2019, the Eurasian Physical Technical Journal (Eurasian phys. tech. j.) has been inducted into data base Scopus in three scientific areas: Energy, Materials Science, Engineering.

h3>ISSN (print) – 1811-1165

Abbreviated key title: Eurasian phys. tech. j. (Print)

ISSN (online) – 2413-2179

Abbreviated key title: Eurasian phys. tech. j. (Online)

Periodicity – 2 issues per annum

Focus and Scope

The main aim of Eurasian phys.tech.j. is to provide fast publication to scientists, researchers and engineers, that wish to communicate and discuss recent developments and applications in their scientific field.     Eurasian phys. tech. j. publishes mainly papers and science reviews on the most important problems of modern Physics and Engineering that should contain new results of theoretical and / or experimental studies and of modeling researches.     In addition, Eurasian phys. tech. j. offers a medium to authors for fast publishing individual parts of their work that are used as basis for diverse further research of doctoral and master thesis (e.g. a new software, a modification or an original measuring apparatus or technique). The “Eurasian Physical Technical Journal” is included in the list of publications with the changes of April 27, 2015, recommended Committee for Control of Education and Science Ministry Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for publication of results of scientific activity, including basic scientific results of doctor PhD dissertations and master’s graduate work on Physics.     An additional aim for Eurasian phys. tech. j. is to offer a medium to authors for publishing and permanent referring papers that have been presented at international conferences that do not publish their proceedings, providing that the author still owns the copyrights of his paper.     Finally, Eurasian phys. tech. j. publishes articles on topical problems of fundamental and applied physics, which can be useful and will improve the quality of research and will contribute to the strengthening of international cooperation of scientists and researchers.